Handicap Professional

Handicap Professional 5.0

Software program that allows golfers to maintain their own handicap index

Handicap Professional is a software program that allows golfers to maintain their own handicap index and keep track of their progress and statistics over time. It conforms to all USGA and RCGA handicapping requirements.
At the core of the system is a database to store the results for every round of golf that you play. Because the database includes all of your historical data, the program can calculate your handicap at any point in time, allowing you to track your progress from month to month and season to season. In addition to handicap calculation, other functions are provided to highlight your course records, as well as your scoring averages by course, by month, and by season.
The program also allows you to enter a number of statistics for each round that you play. These include, greens in regulation, total putts, putts per green in regulation and sub-par holes. Statistical correlation graphs allow you to see how these statistics affect your score. (see PGA tour example correlation data )
The program can manage data for any number of players. This allows multiple family members and friends to keep track of their progress using the same database. You can calculate official handicaps for your friends and family members and avoid the customary haggling for handicap strokes on the first tee. You can use the league statistics screen to view summarized handicap and statistical data for all of the players in the database.

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